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Hey there ! My name is Willy Brousse and i'm a wedding photographer based in Loire Valley, but i guess you know that. I live in Blois, a small town in Loir-et-Cher - near from Paris - and for my greatest pleasure i move and work all over France and abroad.
I'm in love with my wife and our 3 children : twins (a girl & a boy) and a little boy. Yes, i'm busy !
I'm in love with big cities like Paris, NYC or London. They are busy places, graphic with big buildings and small streets. Each one is unique, each one has its own atmosphere. But the strange thing is that i'm in love too with nature, great landscapes with nothing except wind.
So, you certainly understood it, i like to travel. Who doesn't ?
More than that, i'm coffee addict and as a good french, i like good wine. There's a lot of other things i like, but it could be long and annoying.
I like Paris, NYC, London (big cities in fact), travelling, streets and street art, coffee and good wine, and a lot of other stuffs.
And, of course, i also enjoy being a photographer. More than a job, photography is a passion for me.

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I need to be connected with you and i need you to be confident with me because it’s the way for you to feel comfortable, to be real, to be yourself in front of my camera. It’s certainly the most important thing for me to create your souvenirs, real images of you, of your love. It allows me to be creative – may be artistic – to give you back unique of you.

Simple – Light – Graphic

If i had to use only three words to describe the way i want to work, it would be these three. I like simple things, i like to play with light – soft or hard – & shadows to get pictures as graphic as possible.

You think it sounds good and you’re interested, contact me for more details !

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